How can yoga help your organisation?

Yoga in the workplace is a perfect way to keep your employees healthy in body and mind, reducing stress and increasing fitness levels. Classes can be provided throughout the day and adapted to your workspace or environment. Benefits of yoga in the workplace can include: improved concentration, higher staff morale, and a reduction in staff sick days.

HSE reports that 0.5million employees suffered from work-related back or neck problems last year. And 12.8 million working days were lost due to work related stress or anxiety.

Research shows that yoga can help work-related stress, respiratory problems, cardiac problems, and digestive health problems. Yoga has the potential to reduce absences and increase productivity.

There is a significant, positive effect between yoga and stress. By providing yoga in your workplace, your employees may feel happier, work harder, and commit to their organisation.

Classes can be taken standing or seated and will focus on both physical and mental benefits of yoga. Sessions can be provided online or in person (within the West Midlands).

I have also worked with charities and healthcare providers to provide yoga for their support users. Like yoga in the workplace, these classes can be adapted to the needs of the participants on a weekly basis.

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