Reiki is an energy healing system, founded by Mikao Usui in the early 1900s. It functions on the principle that we all have an energetic body in addition to our physical body.

During a Reiki session we will start with a brief consultation to find out what you would like to work on. If in person, I will ask you to remove your shoes and sit in a chair or lay on a treatment couch fully clothed. The treatment can be given hands off, or hands on. No preparation is required, however you may want to come to the session with an intention.

A Reiki session is a deeply personal experience but you may find that you enter a deeply meditative state. You may see colours or images in your mind’s eye, or feel a range of physical sensations flowing through the body.

In person treatments take place at Well Life Holistic Centre in Oldbury, sessions can be booked individually or as a block.