Yoga Classes

I teach a variety of classes that are suitable for beginners upwards. My Beginner’s Course, is suitable for those that have never tried yoga before. We cover the fundamentals of movement, breath, and meditation techniques.

My open classes do not follow teachings from any specific yoga lineage, but could be described as a slow flow with a focus on alignment and the breath. In these classes you will typically practice asana (movement), pranayama (breath) with a relaxation practice at the end.

Unlike an active asana class, restorative yoga works towards taking your body and mind into a state of deep relaxation because although we may sleep, we very rarely rest fully. My restorative classes typically have only three or four poses, with your body supported fully by blankets and props.

Chair yoga is an alternative form of yoga that makes ‘traditional’ yoga accessible to most. It is particularly good for those that are unable to get up and down off the floor. In my chair yoga classes, you will experience the same benefits to body and mind as you would in my standing class.

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1:1 Yoga

Sometimes a public yoga class can feel quite daunting, and sometimes we’d like to delve deeper into our practice and a public class doesn’t provide the time or space to do that. A private yoga class is about you, your personal goal, at your own pace.

We can work together to build your practice, tailoring it to meet your specific needs week on week. Your yoga practice can include any of the elements taught in my open classes above.

The cost of a 1:1 yoga session can depend on many factors, however as a general guide I am currently offering 60mins online sessions for £45, or six sessions for £230.

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